Graduation project "New Entree" 2017



In this project I experimented with another way to tell a story. To get people more involved. To trigger people’s imagination and let them use that actively to piece together the bits of information of the story. To this purpose, I created a world with its own products, people and history.


“This story is about John Deringer and what he did. The former employee of ORPHIC (Overall Research Precaution Hardware International Corp) saved the world in 2079 from the oppression by the alien Karkarryks. Now, 20 years later, ORPHIC dedicated this exhibition to his work. Visit, and discover the story”


About the D.E.E.M.P.


Information as given on the sign:


"The first development of this weapon started right after the Karkarryks arrived at our Earth.

Since ORPHIC was never sure of their intentions, this was a big advantage when the Karkarryks started to be disobedient to the covenant they made with our government. The D.E.E.M.P works with a Direct Emitted Electro Magnetic Pulse.

John got it to work after modifying the technology we developed. After this, ORPHIC mass-produced it.


Weight: 4100 gr

Shooting range: 1,2 km

Rate of fire: 0,5 rounds per minute Incl. cooling

Size: 62 cm"


All parts were designed in Moi3d, 3d printed and painted by me.

 Concept renders and graphics for decals designed by Danos van der Zande.

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