Anti-Drone Canon

Privacy awareness prop 2016

Camera’s and other technologies create a safer living environment than ever before.

Mega databanks and high resolution cameras stock hundreds of exabytes a year.

But who has access to this data?


Not only the security department but also the advertisement industry is interested in this technology.

They pay to use real time data to their advantage. They create advertisements that call your name, keep records of your personal interests and they follow you everywhere you go.

With the right instructions and the will to build it, you will be able to defend your privacy.


Security is our first priority, but your personal thoughts and opinions should be kept private. We as designers created products that protect you from this privacy violation. These products protect your emotions, opinions, data and thoughts.


Drones, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or just the drivers cause a lot of trouble.

They crash in busy crowds, carry illegal cargo, disrupt air traffic and aerial fire fighting and spy entire neighborhoods. To name just a few examples.


Of course developments are being made by security companies to counter this.

They have extremely sophisticated net-firing guns, anti-drone drones

and even trained hawks to catch illegal drones.


But how can ordinary citizens defend themselves against drones and protect their privacy?

That's where the Anti-Drone Cannon comes in. It's air-powered gun designed to be made from parts you can buy at any hardware store.



Download the plans for this anti-drone canon at the following link.

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Anti-drone_instuctions (460KB)


‘Anti-drone canon’ by Marcel Coufreur is under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at


Terms and conditions.


Marcel Coufreur will not be held accountable for any actions taken by the person who made this.

These instructions are meant to be hypothetical not to actually be used (for building an anti-drone net launcher) and fired at drones(UAV) or other devices and especially not other humans or animals.


Please be responsible and safe.


If someone does feel the need to build this and use it, it's that individual's choice and he or she will be held accountable for his/hers actions.

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